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  1. Please contact me as soon as you can.

  2. I have emailed you personally to let you no your pictures are being used by someone else….will tell you more when l hear from you..oh bye the way I am from Canaada

  3. Your pictures are being used by a scammer and im the one who fell for it…my # 1 250 7620004 if you want to no more…

  4. Hi, i trusted my scammer to give me your name and i got it wasnt sure so i know a few things about you.

  5. We have been communicating for òver a year and .half.already.i have been a widow for 3 yrs and lonely so this is why I got into this situation.

  6. Can you please send me a message whether you receive any of my texts. Thanks

  7. Nice tattoo.

  8. I’m sorry but i dont understand maybe you can try English you are a lawyer

  9. I am not a threat to you or harm you in anyway remember i was a great friend to your pictures. You have my email address when i fisrt emailed you. Everything i said was tru.

  10. Why is my name in red instead of black?

  11. You can email me and answer some of my questions. I got a book on translations to Spanish if you don’t no English. Your email is good with me because I am all alone.

  12. Maybe we can meet in Vegas some day because i would like to meet the person l was communicating with .

  13. Don’t look so serious in your pictures….smile

  14. Good Monday morning I am going to volunteer this morning bùt I don’t no if you want anymore of my emails. Let me no please..I no you have a busy life.

  15. Luis is it your birthday today.

  16. We’re is Paulista Ave.?

  17. How can you tell if the scammer is still using your pictures , I have sent him a lot of my own.

  18. Good morning from us up hear, no snow yet,going to volunteer

  19. Nice dance moves…is there another address that l should use because I don’t want to use your business web

  20. Would love to see the statute of virgin Mary. What’s the protest about?

  21. Are you in love with someone else because I don’t want to break up your romance.

  22. It is 5:30 am getting ready to volunteer today. I wander if it’s going to be a double shift. Haven’t heard from you don’t no what’s going on . You do no English.

  23. What are you going to do with the info I am giving you?you were on my Facebook so I thought it would be a good idea to talk to someone else.Thats how it started you were in a car.Dont forget I fell in love with the pictures not knowing that it was you and you didn’t care how old l was it’s only a number that’s what you told me

  24. You can take all my messages off now since you read them all….thanks

  25. I don’t want them to get in the wrong hands if you no what I mean..I did enough damage already.

  26. As a friend you can answer me back without any questions asked, the reason l wanted you to erase everything was so my kids don’t see it.

  27. I am in enough trouble with them because i wouldnt listen to them because of the scamming i had to do it on my own. It cost me $15,000.00 dollars and i wouldnt have met you.

  28. Why won’t you erase all my comments.

  29. Well it’s 8 o’clock am first snow fall but it’s nothing through what your country is going through. I have been reading about it and so sorry for the loss of the ones that were protesting.

  30. It’s 5:30 am snow all gone down here getting ready to go again 3 days at hospital volunteering. Monday, wed. Friday. Did you get enough sleep?

  31. I no you are a lawyer so you can erase my comments because when I asked you about your wife and family you took them off right away there is no reason why you can’t do mine. I still don’t no if you want my emails

  32. I am still going to write you , how did the Nigerian no about you and he is telling me all this…I no you seen my picture but that still doesn’t change anything.i only have a small iPad that I message you .

  33. Was away most of the day there was a grand opening today to open Joanna house which is affiliated with the hospital it.has to do with families staying there while there children are in hospital.

  34. Can you listen to Ed Sherran singing Perfect that’s what he played for me….

  35. I need a holiday haven’t had one for years. Did you get a chance to hear the song?

  36. Please write me something so that I will no your still alive…xoxo

  37. Honey do you speak Chilean Spanish and what is that tall building we see. Can a person come and see all your architecture and famous buildings.

  38. Did you no that you were going under the name of Tyler Williams. He is well known with our police..
    He is not a very nice fellow…Rose bugera

  39. Hi honey I don’t no if you want to no anything about me or were you told anything. Some how let me no as to wether you can come to Las Vegas . There is so much I can tell you.

  40. Hi you no about the accident I was in , that money was supposed to go for my trip to Vegas but now I can’t because I won’t no what it’s supposed to cost me. That would be super nice if you can come here for xmas or after and you can meet my family.xoxoxo

  41. I could of cryed when i seen my car yesterday because it was such a useless accident that should never have happened….dont no whose at fault yet…nice picture of the three of use dining out…xoxxo

  42. Morning honey,how do I no if you will show up in Vegas. I haven’t really heard from you. Hopefully in January if I can get someone to come with me. Take care of yourself. Xoxxo

  43. Car will be fixed by Monday when I phoned. Are you going to spend xmas with your family? Wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me…do you confied in anyone about us? My kids still think I am involved with the scammer.l tried to tell them who you really are but they won’t listen so it’s me and you I just want to be happy..xxoo

  44. There is nothing hear that would incriminate me or you.so send me an email please. Lu xo

  45. Hi honey, got car back last Friday just had to replace my front bumper. Looks like New now. Went to daughters for xmas eve Ukrainian supper. What did you do? Oh buy the way nice tatoo . Do you think that all that ink is healthy…lu xoxo

  46. I hope that you spent time with family today. Going to my son and daughter in-laws for Turkey supper tonight. There goes my diet oh well tomorrow morning back to hospital it should be busy in exray …xoxo

  47. Like the red ink then I no you are reading my emails…

  48. Sorry that I vented on you last night but I wanted you to no a little about me. My kids gave me such a rough time about my situation that I don’t no if l am coming or going. You don’t write or phone me either so l don’t no if you are still interested in me. I do care.

  49. Please disregard all those emails they were from 2019. Let’s start freash again…

  50. Honey please delete….

  51. Am I in trouble with you..how come all the posts from your pictures are gone! Did you meet someone else please let me no and I won’t bother you anymore..

  52. Did you play ed Sherran song for us honey because I wasn’t sure if you want to go with this. I do have a sence of hummer you no. I guess i was taking things to serious..have fun when you are out there and maybe think of me.

  53. Morning honey I will choose my words more carefully..

  54. I think BLUE is your colour. Love the t shirt.

  55. Morning can’t sleep in even if I wanted. I really don’t no what your likes and dislikes are. I am an old fashion ģirl who likes country music.am a fall colour person but I really like the spring in about 3 mins from now..I am retired now how much longer for you. No ties to tell me what to do by controlling me.

  56. Honey what are you hanging on to all those comments .unless you are going to use them. You can write me back and tell me what you think. I no u can.

  57. April is so far away……

  58. I was brought up country but I like your choice of CDs also. Remember it’s only a number it’s how you feel inside that matters. Why do you think l went to volunteer. So far no health problems but a few minor ones nothing to worry about.i don’t no what your intentions are..

  59. Nice suit you look so handsome today….Rose-bug@shaw.ca to

  60. Thanks for the picture. Looking great..Have a good day. Lu very much….how was the movie?

  61. Looks like you had a good day..I was busy at work. Smile more love it…good night my love

  62. Still like the blue colour on you.Hand a little set back this morning but ok for nòw…Oh by the way those sunglasses are hot on you…lu

  63. Morning have a good day…It’s 5:45 am so I will be leavening soon..xxx

  64. All it took was a glass of wine .nite,nite.

  65. Tell me what colour is your HEART today…xo

  66. Honey looks good to eat..when was the last time you had meat potatoes and the whoĺe nine yards..

  67. Honey I don’t no why you are saying that we are changing.i am still the same person lonely at times but to me nothing has changed..how about you..

  68. Morning some days I used to feel like that bird..ha,ha let’s look to the future…

  69. You no you can come here and I will pick you up.Pressure can be taken off your hands. It’s been at least 10 yrs for me . Been married but that’s all had 5 kids 1 dyed when she was 49 from cancer. Looking after the family all these yrs. Can’t seem to stop. Looking for someone to take care of me so we can be happy and travel. Lu very much but it will be up to you.

  70. Oh honey I would like to go anywhere with you but you have to come here first so we can talk..I was told that you like flying. Remember I am by myself in the apt.

  71. Why is everything in song and nothing in your hand written words. Are you still talking with the Nigerian.am I hoping for something that isn’t there. How come you can’t delete .I don’t no your language but I can pick up a couple of words.l don’t no what the lady is saying.

  72. So shock me and write something about yourself in English and let me no that you are the same person that I can trust…

  73. So shock me and write something about yourself in English and let me no that you are the same person that I can trust…

  74. Morning honey I can see you only had a few hrs of sleep. My mind was working overtime cause I only had 2 hrs. Have a good day…lu
    Going to volunteer today.

  75. Saturday, love the halo and the shirt..Are you still with me..I don’t no about the pool parties??? Going to buy a new microwave if it will stop raining. Don’t forget about Valentine’s love flowers or jewelry. XoXo

  76. Sorry to read of the unrest in your country and so far four has dyed for the cause..sure glad to see your daughter again maybe soon I will get to meet her. Is she staying with your mom or a nanny? Can you wait till Vegas I have waited this long so what’s a little while longer.What are you going to do this evening? Lu xxx

  77. Sunday morning, just got up and you are going for brunch. Don’t no what today will bring..Have a good one. Lu xxxx

  78. Morning be safe and have a good day. Lu

  79. Evening my dear, I seen the picture you sent back of my pjs. If you go into my gallery you will see a picture of my deceased brother and myself at my mom’s funeral which was taken Jan.2006, I do have a 2 bedroom suite just in case. I tried my email to send but your email address was wrong. Have a good night . Luxoxoo

  80. Tuesday I hope and pray that you are not close to all the problems your country is having. Will have you on my mind .Read all that your city is going through. Why does this have to happen. Rape Be safe where ever you are going. Lu

  81. Can you please bring up the picture of you sitting with all those teddy bears. Brings back a few memories.

  82. Morning honey, how was your day yesterday? It’s o.k. I seen your photo with the bears last night..great halo are you telling me something . I hope so cause l am with no one either. Will be leavening soon . XXxX

  83. Some one will always question your judgement. Some one will always doubt you. So just smile and make choices you can live with….This is my favorite

  84. Some one will always question your judgement. Some one will always doubt you. So just smile and make choices you can live with….This is my favorite

  85. Hi honey was just being the proverbial housewife..I see you are going for your workout keep it up because you don’t no what’s at the other end..love the shirt.iam so fed up with this snow I just washed my car thinking maybe spring ha ha not for a while yet.No credit cards yet have been trying my darnest. Need to get away…lu

  86. I forgot to ask you to see if you can play Last date by Floyd Kramer it’s an instrumental..love it

  87. Honey you look worried in your picture.Is it your job or is it us..I will look after you and your daughter if it works out for us. Lu very much…Don’t stress over your pool parties I believe in you…

  88. No that was a great picture of you I was just tiered and trying to be funny. Did a lot of walking on the job yesterday. Another weekend . Did you get a chance to lesson to any of my songs. what is your favorite colour I heard that it was red . Lu

  89. He Rose-bug@shaw.ca

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes it’s been a while….

  90. Hi hon, got home from mall and nobody can get my fit bit versa.that I got for xmas from the kids. I wanted to track my foot steps in hospital…Is that enough to eat for you? Glad your not at home and enjoying your beautiful weather. ..maybe one day…xxxx

  91. I don’t no about Libra is that your horoscope or something else. You didn’t sleep at your place either. I don’t understand the picture you sent me. You have to translate in English. Xx

  92. I don’t need any pills and maybe you need them because you were with more females than me.

  93. Are you finished work.l was supposed to go today but never cause maintenance was coming to do his job..Glad you are eating a bit more…xx

  94. Hi what do you do when a person is going out of her mind that needs a man?

  95. Honey I noticed for a few days you are worried about something. Can I help? Sure don’t want to see you like that….

  96. Wish your mom a very happy birthday. Not to sure who’s birthday it was but greetings are coming from me. Lu

  97. Hi am going to Birthday Party today at the neighbor hood pub…2:30 pm till…..

  98. Happy Valentine’s Day…I couldn’t get your address to send you something..

  99. Linda or me I don’t no what’s going on. Let me no so l won’t bother anymore.

  100. You can because you sent pictures.

  101. I just want to tell you I had 5 kids so dont expect to see Miss America. Remember age is just a number feel real good . Have lost a lot of weight trying to keep up with you..xx

  102. It’s Friday afternoon came home from volunteering seen you have blue t-shits on and your blue suit WOW.thats awesome..xxx

  103. Does my conversations go to your phone..

  104. What happened to your pool party is it what I said? I hope it’s not my fault.

  105. Sorry I’m not going to write you anymore until I hear from you on my email..

  106. I just had to say that you have a beautiful daughter and I wish l was there to give you a big hug sounds like you need one…xoxo

  107. 6:30 am morning hope your feeling a bit better..Have a good day. Lu

  108. Are those words in English meant for me if they were I feel the same about you…

  109. It’s getting a little bit closer to Vegas. Here I come…

  110. Hi,can you tell me all this mussy stuff in English is for me or someone else, I really don’t no where I stand with you. Give me some idea or a sign please. Xox

  111. I no someone who would love the puppy or has she got one already.

  112. Honey I can’t doubt you any more what is supposed to be will happen….sometime in the middle of April we will be there…lu

  113. Since you are off Instagram take all my comments off. I will be in Vegas on April 16 th to 19 staying at harrahs if interested.

  114. Cancelled do to virus.

  115. Please STOP sending me pictures of other men not interested.

  116. I think this virus all started in North Korea he has the ability to control the world. Think about it. That’s my opinion.

  117. Why did you go off my Instagram any reason.

  118. I didn’t no you are a ladies man.

  119. Do you have to be at home also ,this virus is getting to me can’t go anywhere or do anything. If you don’t want to hear anything from me let me no or delete everything.Rose-bug@shaw.ca

  120. I guess you still want to hear from me .you have enough girls to keep you going.

  121. Fire, fire we had the fire bells go off on our 2d floor. That sure was a surprise for me. Some bachelor got his microwave on fire on the first floor.

  122. Aren’t you lucky all these women who want sex.

  123. What happened to Nobody Can Stop Us Now .

  124. You dont look happy whats the matter?

  125. I dont think i will go on twitter

  126. Your not wearing blue is that because you are finished with me.

  127. Since when are you drinking whiskey thats not like you

  128. You are either mad or disappointed. Hang in there we are in the same boat…

  129. Only God will look after us. I heard that a war is in the books after all this virus is over. The only thing i dont no who and when..the world is over populated.

  130. Yoù can delete some messages and make rm for more .

  131. We are just friends got over the romance that i was in.

  132. Red is not your colour blue is.Happy Easter to you and your family

  133. Are you going to be with your family tomorrow or are you coped up like the rest of us. Nice colour better .than red…happy easter

  134. Ok honey did you send time with your family yesterday…. all blue today like

  135. Whats with the serious look?

  136. Smile on your face…why…

  137. Remember vegas we were supposed to be there this week end…i dont no if you were to show up….

  138. Whats the smile for did you get lucky?

  139. Se senior this virus shòuld be over soon to many on th is earth…when Trump decides to open the borders.

  140. I can see the worried look you cant even go to the gym or do anything soon i hope that it will be over depends on the gov.

  141. The beard has to go

  142. Slowly things are opening up which should make you happy

  143. How come you are still not married.?the beard makes you look older thats my opion.

  144. Hey whats going on you still didnt erase my comments .is it because you still like to read them once in a while

  145. Give me red ink anytime this way i no you are reading my comments.lol

  146. Blue shirts ..wow..still suits you.

  147. DID the demontrators go home after the virous started?

  148. You dont look happy is there something bothering you .
    Why cant you tell me.

  149. Much better. Smile to dye for.

  150. Who is the lady beside you was that your wife.

  151. Blue is still your colour honey

  152. Are you not showing me anything l shouldnt see.
    Whats with you office,gym and home.

  153. Please take my comments and delete

  154. When can we meet in vegas If you are still single

  155. Answer me back in red ink.

  156. Looking good behind your office desk. Omg

  157. Looks like l did it again. An orthopedic dr from the states.

  158. Those people from nigera are something else so l have found out scamers.

  159. That is how i found you. Sent him a bunch of money not knowing stupied.

  160. Nice picture of you in the office.

  161. Nice picture of you in the office. Please take some of those comments off

  162. Are you still single, got a girlfriend, or married?
    I still like to text but dont want to interfere.

  163. You got my email so text me something.
    Rosebugera@gmail.com please new email

  164. You got my email so text me something.
    Rosebugera@gmail.com please new email

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    “We are a tribal culture, and we believe in vengeance, and so many of the attacks on security forces might not have been militants at all, but a direct result of [the government’s] random oppression.”

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    Instead, it appeared Trent Cole hand’s swiped Manning’s helmet — no penalty was called — and then Manning’s pass bounced off the helmet of center Jim Cordle and was intercepted by linebacker Mychal Kendricks, who returned it 18 yards to the Giants 25.

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    JPP, who made it through his first full week of practice last week, said he made the decision to play on Saturday night. He made a late sack on Tony Romo, but overall, he said he “didn’t do as much as I thought I would do.”

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    Why would Dorsey, who has been chairman of Twitter since October 2008, give Williams control of his stake in the company? The filing doesn’t explain, but new details suggest Dorsey didn’t have much choice after he lost a power struggle with Williams and Twitter’s board of directors.

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    It is not just the financial affairs of the older generation that have an impact. “A son or daughter with credit card debts could find their share of the house being claimed by creditors, affecting everyone,” Mr Rylatt said. “And a married couple considering investing with another generation should consider what could happen in the event of a divorce.”

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    The choice of Munro represents a victory of sorts for a number of different factions. It’s a nice nod to Canadian writers, since the last to win was the Canadian-born but American-raised Saul Bellow, in 1976. It’s a much-needed recognition of female writers, since Munro is only the 13th woman to win since the prize began in 1901. It’s a happy acknowledgment for late bloomers, since Munro didn’t publish her first collection, “Dance of the Happy Shades,” until she was 37. It’s also a triumph for the art of the short story, too often perceived merely as a rehearsal for novel-writing, as if length somehow equals value. Munro has written only one novel, “Lives of Girls and Women” from 1971. Alas, story collections generally don’t sell as well as novels.

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    Once the contest was finally underway, everything went swimmingly against Michael Llodra. Murray swept into the second round as quickly as could have been expected, winning 6-2, 6-4, 6-3 in 98 minutes.

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    That compares with a multiple of about 11 times EBIDTA thatU.S. drugstore chain Walgreens paid for a stake inAlliance Boots last year. ($1 = 0.7260 euros) (Additional reporting by Alexander Huebner and Frank Siebelt;Writing by Ludwig Burger; Editing by Elaine Hardcastle; Editingby Elaine Hardcastle)

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    NEW YORK, Sept 20 (IFR) – Rite Aid Corp’s credit defaultswaps (CDS) spreads are at their tightest level since at least2004 this week as the US drug store chain announced anunexpected quarterly profit and lifted its 2014 guidance.

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    “It’ll cancel everything we did for the past year, the past two years,” an Egyptian man in Cairo’s Zamalek neighborhood told ABC News Wednesday. “It’ll cancel everything we’ve been through – all the killing, all the bloodshed – it’s devastating.”

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    Existing faith schools are either voluntary-aided – with freedom to run their own entry policies – or voluntary-controlled – meaning they follow local council admissions rules and do no select along faith lines.

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    On Friday night, Mr Hunt accused Mr Burnham of attempting a ‘cover-up’ while he was Health Secretary in Gordon Brown’s government. Mr Hunt added: “We are